Just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for all your time, care and consideration; you have all been like a big extended family; not just to our children but to all of us. Suffice to say we are going to miss you all so much, please keep in touch and remember us from time to time; I’m sure you will be forever in our hearts. We will always look upon you as friends and I will remember all the brilliant times we have shared too. Thank you all so much for giving us these lovely memories to treasure and share with our children as they continue on their learning journey. 

Nancy Hall

I like the way this nursery is run in a very efficient and professional manner. I am able to feel confident that I am leaving my child in a very safe environment.

Esther Blair Jackson

The end of an era has come! Thank you so much for looking after our little men over the past seven years. Our children have loved their time with you and we were always confident of the level of care and love they received. The nursery is a credit to you all, and I’d always recommend you to others. 

Helen Brady

Thank you all for your support and input towards our son’s development, making him into the lovely and intelligent young boy I am privileged to have today. You have all made a difference so thank you so much. May Tiddlywinks continue to make a difference to lots of little lives and make them shine like you have my son. 

Louise Daly

All the staff are excellent with my daughter and always tell me when I pick her up how she has been throughout the day. The nursery has good menus for lunch time. I like the way my daughters keycarer writes everything down in her observation folder making it nice to read through.

Leanne Redhead
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