All the girls at Tiddlywinks Hill Lane. Thank you for looking after Oskar this past year. I'm sure he is going to miss you all so much. And thank you to Debbie, Kiran and Tiffany for being his key workers.

September 2016 - Hill Lane

Amie, Kris and Oskar

To all the staff at Tiddlywinks Hill Lane. A huge thank you to all that has cared for Arron whilst myself and Joe worked. Arron has enjoyed everyday he has spent at Tiddlywinks and you have all played a part in creating memories myself, Joe and Arron will cherish. Today, 1st Septmeber 2016, marks the end of his 3 years spent at Tiddlywinks and I would highly recommend the nursery to others that would be looking in the future.

You have all contributed in Arron's development and have each given him skills he can take on his new path.....BIG SCHOOL!

All keep working hard, it is extremly appreciated and makes going to work for us parents that little bit easier.

September 2016 - Hill Lane

Natalie, Joe and Arron

All the staff at Tiddlywinks Hill Lane. Thankyou very much for looking after Xanthe over the past 2 years. She has loved every minute of her time spent with you and we know she is going to be very sad to leave you all. We have been very lucky to know that everyday she has spent with you she has been safe, loved and happy.

September 2016 - Hill Lane

Faye, Dan and Xanthe


A wonderful Nursery, the team at Higher Blackley are so dedicated. They have the children at the heart of everything and offer excellent learning and care and are really supportive of families. The team have felt like an extended family over the past few years, I can't believe our daughter will be leaving Nursery this week. For anyone looking for a warm caring learning environment for their children then I couldn't recommend this Nursery (and the Tiddlywinks group) highly enough. - Debbie Smolka-O'Brien

Debbie Smolka-O'Brien

To all the staff at Tiddlywinks,
I cannot put into words how truely grateful I am for everything you have done for Zach. He has been at nursery since 9 months old and all the staff have helped him develop into the confident, intelligent little boy he is today and you have gave him a foundation to carry on in his next steps. Thank you for your support towards me too, you go one step further when caring for the children by helping us as parents. I know Zach is going to miss you all as he truely does love coming to nursery, you are his extended family and have played an amazing part in his life, which we as a family, will never forget. Keep up the fantastic work.

To Liz, (Early Years Teacher)
Thank you so much for everything you have done for Zach. Since becoming part of your group I have seen him blossom into an intelligent little boy. You have helped build an amazing foundation to help him progress into school, which I will always be grateful for.

To Zoey, (Babyroom Keycarer)
Well what can I say that can let you know how thankful we are for everything you have done for Zach! You have been there from the beginning, helping my baby achieve and develop thoughout his time there with you.  My baby wouldn't be the little boy he is today if it wasn't for your amazing work, time and effort. You have helped him grow into a confident little boy and paved the way for a fantastic start. Continue doing your fantastic work Zoey.


Natalie, Darren & Zach Wilson
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