Outdoor Play at Bury

Outdoor Play

Outdoor play is a natural enhancement and extension of our indoor environment and the children can freely access our safe and secure outdoor play areas from the play rooms

Outdoor play is vital because it enables children to become independent learners as it provides them with an environment which they can explore, modify and use themselves which helps support their independence and self-confidence.

It encourages social and moral development; outdoor play presents opportunities for exploring and using large equipment. This involves children in taking turns, sharing, cooperating, negotiating and talking to each other – all essential skills when interacting with other people in a positive way.

Playing outside allows children time to consolidate skills learned. Children need time to repeat, mimic, and try once more the skills they have been learning. Sometimes this may be through giving them the time alone or through providing for the same skills with a wider range of activities and experiences that may be bigger, noisier and messier than those offered indoors.

Our outdoor space provides opportunities for the children to use all their senses, to experience wonder and enchantment, to work on a larger scale, and to enjoy a greater sense of freedom and independence. When exploring our 3 outdoor play areas the children can spend time playing in the mud kitchen, making various mud pies and exchanging conversations with adults about what they are doing. They might want to play 3 Billy Goats Gruff on our bridge or race their friends around the bike track I wonder who will win. They can hunt for mini beats and feed the birds or sit quietly in our cosy wigwam reading stories. Out staff team plan lots of other exciting activities for outdoor which they access everyday come rain or shine.


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