Sarah Russell - Nursery Manager

My name is Sarah Russell and I am the nursery manager at Hill Lane. I started working at Tiddlywinks Day Nursery in July 2007 and have been part of the Tiddlywinks family for over 9 years now and have loved my time here and the knowledge I have learned. I started as an Nursery Apprentice in 2007 and have worked my way up over the years to become nursery manager. I have a BA Honours Degree in Early Years and Childhood Studies and have learned a lot about child development and the theories on how children learn.

I am the designated safeguarding officer for the nursery, aswell as the SEND-co and am paediatric first aid trained. I have experience in working with all ages and I am passionate in what I do. I am bubbly, friendly and always strive for the best in children with regards to their learning and development. I have a creative flair and am passionate about making the environments 'wow' for both children and parents. 

Our aim as a nursery is to continue our outstanding practice and to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment for the children to learn and develop. To do this we will make excellent progress through the Ealy Years Foundation Stage, making sure all areas of the curriculum are covered and that we teach the children new and exciting things throughout their time at nursery. I will support the staff team to ensure the nursery provides a welcoming, family atmosphere where parents and carers are happy to leave their children in our care.

Becky Brown - Nursery Deputy Manager

My name is Becky Brown and I started working for Tiddlywinks Day Nursery in August 2009. I am qualified with a Foundation degree in Early Years and Childhood studies, a Level 3 BTEC National Diploma in Childcare and Education, Level 2 Team Leading and an NVQ in Management Level 3. I am aslo studying a Ba (Hons) in Professional development in early years. I will provide a fun and stimulating environment for the children to play and learn with a warm loving relationship. I am currently working towards my Foundation Degree in Early Years and Childhood Studies with Bolton University. By completing these additional studies I will be able to further support my staff team, children and their families in providing a fun learning environment.


Jenny Smillie - Nursery Area Manager/ Early Years Teacher

My name is Jenny Smillie and I began my role as Area Manager/Advisory Teacher for Tiddlywinks Day Nursery in November 2016. I am an experienced Early Years Teacher with 10 years of leadership and advisory experience, before starting my role here at Tiddlywinks I was working as a Deputy Head teacher for a large nursery school and children's centre in Lancashire. Prior to this I worked as an advisory teacher for Sure Start Centres in Manchester working with Higher Blackley and Crumpsall Tiddlywinks nurseries. Having achieved qualified teacher status in July 2002, I went on to teach in Australia for 2 years where my passion for early years education developed. Since then I have furthered my study to support my career as an early years teacher and leader having achieved Early Years Professional Status in 2008 and completing my Masters Degree in Childhood Studies and Practice in 2013. I have a commitment to giving all children the best possible start in life. My vision is to inspire excellence and I hope to engage with all children, parents and colleagues to help motivate them to learn and develop a passion to succeed. I always strive to develop a strong community network focused upon high standards.

Wendy Eyers - Baby Room Team Leader

My name is Wendy Eyers and I strated working for Tiddlywinks Day Nursery in June 2009. I am qualified with a BTEC National Diploma in Early Years and I have completed my NVQ Level 2 in Teamleading. I will work closely with my team in the baby room to ensure the children can explore and develop within a caring, safe and inspiring environment.

Chantelle Pollitt - Tweenie Room Team Leader

My name is Chantelle Pollitt and started working with Tiddlywinks Day Nursery in June 2015. I am qualified with a Level 3 in childcare and education and have worked in the early year's sector for 5 years. I have experience in all age ranges from babies' up to out of school clubs. I will provide each child with a warm, welcoming and stimulating environment in which the children can take part in messy activities with their friends. I aim to work closely with the Hill Lane team to ensure each child is able to learn as much as possible with their friends on their journey with Tiddlywinks.

Emma Pickup - Pre-School Room Team Leader

My name is Emma Pickup and I am the teamleader for the Pre-School room here at Hill Lane and I started working for Tiddlywinks Nursery in November 2008. Currently I have my NVQ Level 3 in Childcare and Education along with my Teamleading Level 2 qualification. I will provide a loving relationship towards the children, helping them to continuously learn and develop within play and activities. I am currently completing a NVQ Level 3 in Management to further support my learning and help support my team.

Jessica Mitchell - Baby Room Early Years Practitioner

My name is Jess Mitchell and I started working at Tiddlywinks Day Nursery in February 2015. I am based in the Babyroom at our Hill Lane nursery and prior to this I was at the Higher Blackley nursery as a student. I am currently qualified with my NVQ Level 2 in Childcare Learning and Development and I am excited to learn new skills and knowledge to achieve my NVQ Level 3 in Childcare and Education. I am looking forward to learning and supporting the children during their time at Tiddlywinks Day Nursery. I want the children to have lots of fun whilst they learn at develop. I will provide the children with a warm, welcoming and stimulating environment for the children to play in with a variety of activities to take risks and develop themselves.

Claire Davies - Baby Room Early Years Practitioner

My name is Claire Davies and I started working with Tiddlywinks Day Nursery in November 2016. I have my NVQ level 2 qualification in childcare and I will use my skills and knowledge to ensure all children are safe and secure on their journey. I am looking forward to supporting the children's learning and development by keeping them safe, playing alongside them and carrying out activities such as messy play, reading stories, singing songs and role play. I aim to provide the team and nursery with a friendly person and I want to help children feel welcome and eager to play and learn. I am a good team worker and someone who will work hard with the team to give the children the best experience with Tiddlywinks.

Nicole McGarvey - Babyroom Early Years Practitioner

My name is Nicole McGarvey and I currently work in the babyroom. I started working with Tiddlywinks Day Nursery in May 2016. I am currently working towards achieving my NVQ Level 3 in childcare. I will ensure all children can learn and develop new skills with their friends in a warm, welcoming and caring environment. I have enjoyed building relationships with the children and parents in the tweenie room and I am looking forward to supporting the children on their journey through Tiddlywinks Day Nursery and I will ensure the individuals needs of each child are achieved.

Debbie Williams - Tweenie Room Early Years Practitioner

My name is Debbie Williams and I started working for Tiddlywinks Day Nursery in February 2014. I am based in the tweenie room at Hill Lane and I am qualified with a Level 3 in Childcare and Education. I completed my training with Tiddlywinks at the Higher Blackley nursery four years ago. My aim is to guide the children whilst they learn and develop in a warm stimulating environment and to provide a variety of exciting activities to meet the children's individual needs.

Jaide Slatford - Tweenie Room Early Years Apprentice

Hi, my name is Jaide and I have just started working here at Tiddlywinks Hill Lane in May 2017. I will be completing my NVQ Level 2 Apprenticeship in childcare and I am 17 years old. I enjoy being creative and I am looking forward to putting this into practice for all of the children. I am really excited to getting to know all of the children and their families as well as getting to know the routine of the children and the nursery. I did an apprenticeship in hairdressing but felt that working with children was always my passion, so I am excited that I have the chance to learn and gain lots of experience from the other members of staff and look forward to watching the children progress in their journey with Tiddlywinks.

Catherine Leyland - Tweenie Room Early Years Practitioner

My name is Catherine Leyland and I started working with Tiddlywinks Day Nursery in May 2014. I had previously been a student here at Hill Lane Tiddlywinks for two years and now I am an Early Years Pratitioner in the tweenie room. I am currently qualified with my NVQ Level 3 in childcare, learning & development and have also got my NVQ Level 2 in Team Leading. I aim to provide a safe, secure and exciting learning environment for the children to grow and develop and make everyday they are with us exciting and fun. I will ensure each child has a warm, caring welcome into nursery.

Claire Hibbert - Pre-School Room Early Years Practitioner

My name is Claire Hibbert and I started working with Tiddlywinks Day Nursery in December 2007. I am qualified with an NVQ Level 3 in Childcare and with a Level 2 NVQ in Teamleading. I am a qualified paediatric First Aider. I will work closely with my team to support each child and their family to develop knowledge and skills by providing fun, stimulating activities and experiences. I will ensure each child's needs are met by providing them with a warm, safe and inviting play and learning envrionment to take risks and develop their social skills in preparation for their school readiness.

Kiran Bashir - Pre-School Room Early Years Practitioner

My name is Kiran Bashir and I started working with Tiddlywinks in September 2014. I am currently qualified with my NVQ  Level  2 in childcare and will soon be working to achieve my Level 3 qualification. My passion is to help support every child to reach their goals and prepare them for their journey to school. I will work closely with the pre-school team to ensure individual needs are met and I will guide and encourage the children to improve their skills and to develop through a variety of activites for school readiness.

Shannon Lawrence - Pre-school Early Years Practitioner

Hi, my name is Shannon and I have an NVQ Level 3 in Childcare and am first aid qualified too. I have worked in various other nurseries so I have experience in working with all age ranges. I enjoy working with the pre-school children, as they have big imaginations and love to learn new things. I love to watch and help children to grow throughout their time in nursery. I will be supporting each child, developing new skills and teaching them exciting things.

Trish Keogh - Nursery Administrator

My name is Trish Keogh I started working at Tiddlywinks Day Nursery in October 2008. I am qualified with a City and Guilds level 3 in Computer Applications.

I work to support the Senior Management team and the Nursery Managers in their duties and provide admin support ensuring that the highest level of service is provided and will be professional in my duties when liaising with children and families and other professionals within the nursery.

Patsy Hunter - Nursery Cook

Hi, my name is Patsy Hunter and I am the nursery cook for Hill Lane. I have lots of experience working with children and have been working at Tiddlywinks for 9 years now. I have my NVQ Level 3 in childcare as well as my Foundation Degree in Early Years and Childhood Studies. I have worked in all the settings at Tiddlywinks, from doing creche's, nursery practitioner, out of school club to cook.

I really enjoy cooking and have a passion for making homemade, delicious food from scratch. My oldest son is also a chef so I like to get tips and recipes from him. I like to make lots of healthy but yummy foods for the children to try and always encourage them to know where our food comes from. I enjoy baking with the children and learning them how to weigh and measure the ingredients, talking about the textures and taste.

Angela Kelly - Nursery Domestic

Hi my name is Angela Kelly and I have been working for Tiddlywinks for over 5 years now. I enjoy coming to nursery and seeing the children play and learn. They get very excited when I come in and all shout my name. The team are very friendly but professional and I enjoy working at the nursery.

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