January 2017 - We had our annual training day this month where essential training was delivered, training covered safeguarding, parents as partners, first aid and characteristics of effective learning. Each staff member was allocated to training to meet their individual training needs.

December 2016 -  Paula and Carol at our Crumpsall nursery attended first aid training with Millie’s trust, they will complete the second session in January, this is an essential training required as we ensure all of our staff are first aid trained.

November 2016-  Leanne and Maisie from our Crumpsall nursery attending Christmas training, this enabled the girls to gain a knowledge of what Tiddlywinks Expectations are relating to the festival.

October 2016 - Congratulations to Maisie at our Crumpsall nursery who completed her level 2 in childcare, well done and good luck with your level 3.

October 2016- Nayana from our Crumpsall nursery attended training on prop boxes, this is to develop skills in telling stories to children using objects, this enables children to develop their imagination and making up stories.

October 2016- Emma, Sam and Tania from our Crumpsall nursery attended mud kitchen training, this enabled them to gain and share ideas of what children learn from this and how they can develop this in our garden.

October 2016 -   Sam and Emma from our Crumpsall nursery attended English as a second language and special needs training, this enabled them to gain more knowledge on how to support children with various needs in the nursery.

October 2016- Carol at our Crumpsall nursery attended Designated persons training, this is to update on safeguarding as a designated person

September 2016 - Well done to Emma at our Crumpsall nursery who completed level 3 in Teamleading, this has supported you developing skills in leading a team.

September 2016- Maisie, Nicole, Ellie and Hayley from our Crumpsall nursery attended observation and assessment training, this enabled the girls to develop knowledge in assessing children and supporting and planning for them.

September 2016 - Congratulations to Mellie at our Crumpsall nursery, who graduated in September for the foundation degree in Early Years

August 2016 - Nicole and Ellie from our Crumpsall nursery attended introduction to Tiddlywinks, this enabled them to gain knowledge of the background and ethos of the nursery and how we work.

August 2016- Paris, Maisie and Leanne attended letters and sounds training, this enabled them to be more familiar with this and to deliver this to our children.

July 2016 - Ellie attended Uniqueness of babies training, this enabled her to gain knowledge of babies, how they develop and how best to support them.

August 2016- Mellie form our Crumpsall nursery attended team leader training, this enabled her to build on learning skills in leading a team and expectations of roles and responsibilities as a Teamleader.

August 2016-  Leanne, Paris, Emma and Louise from Crumpsall all attended outdoor training this month to further develop ideas of outdoor play and shared ideas of how we could develop our outdoor area.

August 2016- Emma, Paris and Leanne attended I connect training, this enabled the girls to explore how to use the new system to develop recording children’s development electronically, to enable us to develop parent zone for our parents to access.

July 2016- We held our training day this month providing a range of workshops for our staff team to attend throughout the company, our management team along with team leaders all attended are you ready for your inspection which was delivered by pepper and Stacey consultancy. Workshops also delivered were aiming high in the EYFS, Professional love, sen, tracking and evidencing children's progress, iConnect and phonics and letters and sounds.

January 2016 - well done to Sam at our Crumpsall nursery who has completed level 3 in Teamleading, this has supported you in developing skills in managing a team.

October 2015 - Congratulations to Carol at our Crumpsall nursery who has graduated in the foundation degree in Early Years, well done to you, this will support the nursery in providing excellent education for our children

 April 2015 - Rochelle Donoghue at our Higher Blackley nursery attended Health & Safety Level 2 training.  This was very helpful as it covered latest legislation and reiterated the importance of why we at Tiddlywinks have such a rigorous Health & Safety procedure and in depth policy.

April 2015 - The focus for April's staff meeting at Higher Blackley was Ofsted.  We discussed any updates and changes to legislation and the impact it would have on the nursery.

March 2015 - Olivia Nield at our Higher Blackley nursery attended Autism training and has come back to nursery with lots of ideas we could use in the setting on a day to day basis with all of our children.  Thank you Olivia.

March 2015 - Congratulations to Claire Lyons and Stacey Long for completing their NVQ Level 2.  Your hard work and dedication to your work is amazing.  Keep up the great work. 

March 2015 - The focus for Higher Blackley’s staff meeting was Strategic Management Planning and how we implement this in to our daily practice

February 2015 - Cathy Stones the Deputy Manager at Higher Blackley nursery attended Tremendous Two's training and has implemented some lovely ideas within the rooms.  Thank you.

February 2015 - Higher Blackley's manager Gaynor Mott attending a fabulous days training run by the National Day Nursery Association (NDNA).  It was called Bridging the Gap and focused on how boys learn differently to girls, venerable families and two year olds.  It gave her ideas she can use within the nursery to make sure that all children in the nursery are achieving their development targets and how we can support parents with this process at home.  It was so inspiring that Gaynor will be running a workshop at Tiddlywinks Conference in July 2015 to other staff members of Tiddlywinks alongside the nurseries deputy manager Cathy Stones.

February 2015 - Mellie Edgar who is based at our Higher Blackley nursery attended training regarding the MCAF and the changes and developments to it and how it will impact on the nursery.  Mellie really enjoyed this training and feedback to her team at the staff meeting.

February 2015 - The focus for the Higher Blackley staff meeting was Allergy Awareness and the changes to legislation in this area and how it affects us as a setting.

January 2015 - Well done to all the staff at Higher Blackley who attended the Tiddlywinks Training day.  Janina, Rebecca, Fran, Charlotte, Joanna,

January 2015 - Well done and thank you to Kathryn Evans based at our Clayton Nursery for attending Working with Children with Down Syndrome in the Early Years Settings.

November 2014 - Gaynor Mott based at our Higher Blackley setting has successfully renewed her Basic Food Hygiene training certificate.

November 2014 - A big well done to Rebecca Kelly based at our Higher Blackley nursery for completing her Safeguarding, First Aid and Food Hygiene training.

November 2014 - Congratulations Claire Hibbert based at our Higher Blackley nursery for passing your Health and Safety Level 2 training.

July 2014 - Well done Claire Lyons & Stacey Long based at our Higher Blackley nursery for completing your 2 day Paediatric First Aid training.

June 2014 - Well done to Anna Kelly based at our Higher Blackley nursery for completing your Designated Safeguarding Officer training and an Asthma Awareness training. 

May 2014 – Congratulations to Rochelle Donoghue and Catherine Grimshaw at our Higher Blackley nursery for completing their Team Leader NVQ Level 2 training.  They have worked really hard and give 100% to their team and work. Well Done!

November 2013 - A huge well done to Olivia Nield based at our Higher Blackley nursery for completing her NVQ Level 2 in Childcare and Education. 

October 2013 - Congratulations to Anna Kelly at our Higher Blackley nursery for completing your NVQ Level 3 in Childcare and Education.  You have worked really hard and your dedication and enthusiasm is much appreciated, thank you!

October 2013 - Congratulations to Ben Mihell, who is based at Toosc St. Clare's on completing your Level 3 in Playwork. Well Done!

September 2013 - A big well done to Chloe and Tiffany at our Hill Lane nursery for completing their NVQ Level 2 in Childcare and Education. Congratulations to Jolie, also from Hill Lane, for completing your NVQ Level 3 in Childcare and Education. Well done girls!!

April 2013 - Sarah Russell based at our Hill Lane nursery completed her Playworker training.  Well done to you!

March 2013 - Congratulations to Rebekah Brown based at our Hill Lane nursery who completed her Team Leader training.  Well Done!

October 2012 - A big well done to Abigail at our new Ancoats nursery for completing her NVQ level 3 in Childcare and Education, congratulations!

July 2012 - Congratulations to Ben Mihell for completing your Level 3 in Business, Leadership & Management. Good luck for the next stage of your studies in the Business Management Foundation Degree. Well Done!

May 2012 - Congratulations to Lori Carroll for completing your Foundation Degree in Early Years practice, you've worked so hard over the last three years to achieve your degree and everyone is so proud of you, Well Done.

April 2012 - Congratulations to the three nurseries for achieving the highest level 'Enhancing' across all seven sections of Manchester’s Quality Assurance Framework. Everyone has worked so hard collecting evidence and developing practice during this process, Well Done. 

April 2012 - Well Done to Michaela Casey at Crumpsall for completing your Team Leader Level 2 training. 

April 2012 - Congratulations to Emma Kelly of the Crumpsall Nursery team for completing your NVQ Level 3. You've worked so hard it's shown, well done. 

March 2012 - Well done to Anna Kelly based at our Higher Blackley Nursery for completing her Level 2 in Child Care Learning & Development.

February 2012 - Amanda Nash was awarded Early Years Professional Status following 6 years of commitment and enthusiasm to developing her skills and knowledge; which she will use to benefit the company. A special congratulations is sent to you Amanda for all your hard work, perseverance and devotion to Tiddlywinks Day Nursery. 

January 2012 - A big congratulations to Imelda Mihell (Nursery Director), Gaynor Mott from Higher Blackley and Rachel Hyde from Crumpsall for achieving your Foundation Degree's in Early Years Practice. You've all been driven by your commitment to provide the best care and education for the children, well done.

November 2011 - Well Done to Hill Lane Nursery and especially Valerie Coyne the Nursery Cook for achieving Level 5 in their Environmental Health Check. 

October 2011 - Congratulations to Geraldine Doyle from our TOOSC team for completing her Team Leader Training, Well Done!

July 2011 - Congratulations to Sarah Agnew based E-Act Academy Toosc for completing her Foundation Degree in Early Years. You've worked so hard well done.

June 2011 - A special congratulations to Jennie Mansell based at our Crumpsall Nursery and Amanda Nash based at our Clayton nursery for achieving their BA HONS in Early Years Practice.

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