October 2016 - Trish celebrates 8 years with Nursery this month congratulations, Steph celebrates her 1st year with Tiddlywinks, Thank you both for all your hard work and dedication.


September 2016 - Many happy returns to Stacey who celebrated her 21st Birthday this month.

September 2016 - A big congratulations to the staff at Higher Blackley who are celebrating their anniversaries this month. Olivia (4yrs), Zoey (3yrs), Katie (3yrs) and Joanna (2yrs). Thank you for your commitment and dedication to the nursery and we hope to have you all with us for many more to come.

June 2016 - A huge congratulations to Gaynor who is celebrating her 17th year with the Tiddlywinks family. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to the nurseries and here is to the next 17 years.  Ewa is celebrating her 2nd year at Tiddlywinks, thank you for your hard work.

May 2016 -  Congratulations to Aga our nursery cook who celebrated her 3rd year with the Tiddlywinks family.  Thank you for all your lovely yummy meals you make and for all your hard work.

April 2016 - Happy 9th Birthday to our Higher Blackley nursery.  To celebrate they held an animal themed party. The staff and children had a fun filled day dressing up, face painting, party games and food and a bouncy castle.  The staff presented Mel and Dave with a card and a bouquet of flowers.

April 2016 - Congratulations to Charlotte Sheridan who has completed her NVQ Level 2 in Childcare and Education.  She has worked so hard and the skills and knowledge she has gained she has used in her outstanding daily practise.  Next step is her NVQ Level 3.

March 2016 - Congratulations to Natalie who is celebrating her 14th year and Anna who is celebrating her 6th year with the Tiddlywinks family.  Thank you both so much for all your hard work and commitment to the nursery.

March 2016 - Congratulations to Charlotte Sheridan for being Runner Up Apprentice of the Year with Skills Solution.  Charlotte won this award out of 1000 other Apprentices.  We are so proud of her and her achievements.  She was awarded with a Kindle HD, a trophy and a certificate.

January 2016 - Congratulations to Stacey Long and Claire Lyons for their 2nd year at Tiddlywinks, they have come such a long way and their commitment and dedication to Tiddlywinks is amazing.  Thank you.

October 2015 - Congratulations to Paige Teahan and Jemma Pickering at Hill Lane on completing your NVQ Level 2 in Childcare and Education.  You have both worked hard to achieve this and your knowledge will help your teams develop and grow. All the best and good luck for your NVQ Level 3. 

Congratulations to Anna Kelly based at our Higher Blackley nursery who won the award for "Best Keycarer of the Year."  This is a great achievement and thoroughly deserved.

Congratulations to Rachel Hyde for winning the "Manager of the Year" and for Debbie Williams for winning "Keycarer of the Year" award. They were both truly privileged with the nominations and the lovely comments they received.   

Well Done to Aga Orlikowska based at our Higher Blackley nursery, who won "Nursery Cook of the Year."  Aga is a fantastic cook and the children love her food always asking for more!  The children love it when Aga sits with them at meal times and discusses what she has made for them.  Well done Aga!

Trish Keogh won a "Special Recognition" award for all her hard work and dedication she shows to Tiddlywinks and the help and work she does for all the managers and staff at all 5 settings.  She is a mother figure and always makes time for a chat and makes everyone feel happy.

Congratulations to the whole nursery team at Clayton, who won the "Team of the Year" and "Indoor Environment for all Rooms." The team were so thrilled to have all the hard work recognised by their colleagues and appreciate all the support they have received throughout their 1st year.

Well done to Sarah Russell who was Awarded "Best Role Model," she is truly an inspiration and leads by example.

June 2014 - Gaynor Mott from our Higher Blackley nursery  is celebrating her 15th year with Tiddlywinks.  She would like to thank all of the management team, staff team, parents and children who have made her time at Tiddlywinks the happiest and watching the company grow and develop in to the outstanding provider it is today makes her feel so proud.  Thank you Gaynor for all your hard work and commitment to Tiddlywinks and here is to the next 15 years.

May 2014 - We are delighted to inform you that Higher Blackley has won an award on the site for being a top recommended day nursery! Tiddlywinks were the 2nd recommended nursery in the North West region and 5th top recommended nursery in the whole of the UK!

Results were calculated on the awards and the recommendation scores; this means that it was our children’s parents and relatives who had publicly recommended Tiddlywinks Nursery and that has set us apart from the other nurseries.

As a winner we will receive a certificate to display in our nursery and we will also be identifiable in a list on the site as one of the top recommended nurseries.

May 2014 - Congratulations to Catherine Grimshaw and Rochelle Donoghue at Higher Blackley on gaining your NVQ Level 2 in Teamleading.  You have both worked hard to achieve this and your knowledge will help your teams develop and grow.

January 2014 – A big Congratulations to the three Hill Lane girls who won awards for 2014! Congratulations Tiffany Ryder for receiving the award for "Best Key Carer" of the year. Well Done! Congratulations to Chloe Mooney for achieving “Apprentice of the Year" award and Patsy Hunter for received our “Heart of Gold Award.” Thank you for all your dedication and positive attitude which reflects through your work and within your setting.

January 2014 – Congratulations to Carol McCarthy for receiving our “Best Role Model” award. A fantastic role model to all staff and the children, always there to help. You explain things to your team and are bursting with motivation along with your eagerness to teach others. You worked brightly with your manager and are continuously providing any support where needed. You are so truthful and remarkable in everything you do. Well done and Congratulations on your promotion to Crumpsall Deputy Manager!

January 2014 – Well done to Natalie Beswick for achieving “Teamleader of the Year.” You have shone in your fairly new role involving three different groups! Whether it is a crèche, Tweenie or Toosc session you have just got on with it, you help everyone to deliver a high quality play environment and preserve our company standards. There has been a lot of change and you have settled your team together to be supreme.

January 2014 – Congratulations to Nayana Korale for achieving the “Additional Role” award for taking on the crèche session! You have been brilliant since taking on this new role and you are very careful. This shows through your hard work at the sessions and you have always tried your best!

January 2014 – Well Done to Claire Hibbert for achieving the “Goes the Extra Mile.” You have been wonderful during the course of your role of being the Baby Room Teamleader and supporting your team all the time! Forever hard working and dedicated, whilst guiding and caring for others! Always doing that little bit more for the nursery outside of work, whether that be staying later to help or working over the evening and weekends you fully deserve this award!

January 2014 – Congratulations to Claire Ryan for achieving “Senior Manager of the Year.” Claire you are truly exceptional in your role and you thoroughly understand the aims and ambitions of this company. Whenever you are in the nurseries you are always there to support and advice members of staff wherever possible which also helps them develop themselves and expand their skills or knowledge. Thinking out of the box is one of your great interpersonal qualities and this has shown throughout your time at the company… You are a true Tiddlywinker!

January 2014 - Thank you for your dedication to the nursery and well done for achieving 100% Attendance for 2013 to: Rachel Hyde, Carol McCarthy, Leah Crossley, Wendy Eyers, Jennie Mansell, Sarah Russell, Abigail Davey, Emma Pickup, Nayana Korale, Kim Davies, Theresa O’Neill, Tracy Makin & Ben Mihell.

November 2013 - A huge congratulations goes out to Mel & Dave as they won the national award for Nursery Operations/Regional Director 2013. They demonstrated to the interview panel how they strive to provide outstanding childcare and education. The support, motivation and inspiration they provide to the team is evident in our daily practice and they thoroughly deserved this recognition of all their hard work. The panel of judges said "We have chosen David and Imelda because their commitment and passion both commercially and quality childcare was inspiring and commendable. 19 years in the industry and still focused, energetic and committed. They work well as a team - even though they’re married and excellent childcare is at the centre of everything they do."

January 2013 - Congratulations to Ben for achieving the 'Apprentice of the Year' award. Since starting as an apprentice you have grown in your knowledge and skills supporting staff in a range of tasks. You are always punctual, professional and keen to learn more along with offering advice and the best solutions to solve problems and teaching others a thing or two. You are aware of overall standards across the company and are confident to raise issues if something isn't how it should be. Always honest and can see the bigger picture. You are very flexible from being in the office, Toosc and the rooms but adapts to these. Well Done!

January 2013 - Well done to Louise Wigglesworth for achieving our 'Smile Award' award. Nothing gets her down and she is always happy, having a positive effect on the children. Your team say it is a pleasure to work with you, as you are fantastic with the children, parents and all of the staff. You never show any negativity or frustration and you brighten up everyone's day!

January 2013 - Congratulations to the staff for Toosc at St. Clare's and also to the staff at Crumpsall in the Foundation Room. The votes for the best team were so closely tied, you both receive the award. Both were fairly new teams but each and every one of you have just got on with it by supporting each other superbly. St Clare's Toosc team help one another to provide a high quality play environment and maintain our company standards. The foundation room have had a lot of change and all pull together to be the best, such a strong team built in only a short space of time and all of the staff have a can do attitude and an amazing bond.

January 2013 - A big well done to Rochelle Donoghue for achieving the 'Heart of Gold' award, you are always willing to help and go that extra mile for anybody and you always try to the best of your ability. You have great relationships with everyone and put 110% into your work all the time to achieve your goals. You love your job and you can see that every day the way you cares for your children and all of the staff.

January 2013 - Congratulations to Jennie Mansell for receiving our 'Best Role Model' award. A great role model to all staff and the children, always there to help. You show calmness and patience when explaining things to your team and are full of inspiration along with your enthusiasm to teach others. You work so well with your manager, always giving extra help and support to their girls. You are so honest, true to your word and exceptional in everything you do. Well done!

January 2013 - Congratulations to Leah for achieving the 'Additional Role' award for being the charity co-ordinator. You have been amazing since taking on this new role and you are very pro-active. Through your hard work all year round and at the events you have always tried your best!

January 2012 - A big congratulations to Imelda Mihell (Nursery Director), Gaynor Mott from Higher Blackley and Rachel Hyde from Hill Lane for achieving your Foundation Degree's in Early Years Practice. You've all been driven by your commitment to provide the best care and education for the children, well done.

January 2012 - Congratulations to St Peter's TOOSC for achieving 'Outstanding'  in their Ofsted Inspection. You have been open for 4 months and have worked so hard; this is an outstanding achievement you should all be so proud of.

January 2012 - Congratulations to the whole company for achieving for the third time in six years the 'Investors in People Award', everyone has worked so hard and we received a glowing report. Well Done. 

January 2012 - Thank you for your dedication to the nursery and well done for achieving 100% Attendance for 2011 to: Rachel Hyde, Jennie Mansell, Lori Carroll, Vicky Timmins, Claire Ryan, Trish Keogh, Carol McCarthy, Wendy Eyers, Leah Crossley, Claire Hibbert & Gerry Doyle.  

September 2011 - Well done to each of the Nurseries for completing the Manchester Early Years Health Award and passing with flying colours.

August 2011 - Congratulations to the TOOSC Team for your hard work and dedication to the children and settings by receiving the 'Quality In Play' award from Play England. 

July 2011 - Well done to the St Clares TOOSC Team for achieving 'Good' in their Ofsted Inspection.

June 2011 - A special congratulations to Jennie Mansell based at our Crumpsall Nursery and Amanda Nash based at our Clayton nursery for achieving their BA HONS in Early Years Practice.

April 2011 - Well Done Tiddlywinks Day Nursery, received Bury College Award for investing in staff though their Apprenticeship Scheme.

February 2011 – Congratulations to our Higher Blackley Nursery for achieving 'Outstanding' in their Ofsted inspection.

January 2011 - Congratulations to Hill Lane Nursery for achieving 'Outstanding'  in their Ofsted Inspection.

January 2011 - Congratulations to Rochelle Donoghue for being awarded Apprentice of the Year for 2010.

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