Sophie attended the holiday club during the six weeks holidays, the staff were great and always kept me informed of anything that was happening. I was a very happy parent and Sophie was a very happy child too!

Paula Chaloner - St. Clare's Toosc

My daughter Isabel has been attending TOOSC full time for two years, the holiday club is a fantastic place for children. Isabel comes home with things she has made has lots of fun stories to tell me.

Jo Warburton - St. Clare's

Overall nursery is excellent; children enjoy their time here which is especially important. Nursery, staff, keyworkers, managers are always open and welcoming and are willing to discuss child development and needs.

Amelda Bowen

I love Tiddlywinks! Definitely the best nursery in the area, I’m sad that we are moving and Nathan won’t be here next year.

Natalie Davies

Esme loves coming to nursery and I feel confident that Esme’s best interests are considered at all times. I also feel confident approaching the staff with any concerns I may have trust that they will be address.

Rebecca Tucker
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