Excellent service and childcare for my daughter. The environment has such a positive energy and a homely feel.

Rebecca Codd

My daughter and son have been going to out of school club for a few years. My daughter has now moved to high school and no longer attends but my son still goes every day and sometimes my daughter goes to visit. They both enjoy the club and the staff are so lovely, very friendly, professional and I can tell they enjoy their jobs and have a good relationship with the children.


My son really likes going to the out of school club because of the social contact with other children and he really enjoys helping the staff.

Claire Jackson

My son has recently been identified as having Special Educational Needs and the nursery have been very proactive and supportive of both myself and my son in this process and been more than willing to work with other professionals if required.

Rebecca A

As a parent choosing a nursery for my child and coming from an Early Years background I knew what I was looking for in the nursery. When I looked around the nursery the staff who showed me around were pleasant and able to answer all my questions with evidence to back up their answers. During my sons gradual admission the staff were very friendly and made me feel very comfortable about leaving my baby. My son has settled in to nursery very well and very quickly and I believe this is due to the staff and the way they are able to meet his needs and comfort him. My son is happy to run straight in to nursery and he is comfortable with all the staff there.

Michelle Whipday
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