Thomas has now been at the Hill Lane Tiddlywinks for nearly a year now and so we wanted to write and thank you and the other nursery staff, for looking after him so well.  Thomas settled into nursery very well and quickly developed new skills and a strong bond with his key carer Abigail.  He has continued to develop well and enjoys coming to the nursery.  He has a good relationship with all the nursery staff, in particular his carers Abigail and Becky.  We have been very pleased with how Abigail has been caring for Thomas, she has a very good understanding of Thomas and has exceeded our expectations in how she has looked after him.  She takes a vested interest in his well being and in ensuring his development progresses.  In particular we have been pleased in her enthusiasm towards encouraging him to walk and also taking on challenges set by ourselves (stopping use of the bottle and dummy).

Rachel and Bill Bates

May I take this opportunity to thank all the staff at Tiddlywinks. You have been amazing and have given Isabelle a fantastic start with her education.  Leah has looked after Isabelle for 2.5 years and we can not thank her enough for the time and effort that she has put into making isabelle the confident, clever little girl she is today. Myself, Andy and Isabelle are going to miss you all very much and can not thank you all enough.

Samantha Owen

Liam has been at Tiddlywinks since being 9 months old and has loved his time there. Both Tahrima and Leah have helped look after Liam whilst I had to work. All the staff are great with the children and communicate well with parents.

Pamela Smith

I am very happy with the care provided here, staff are always friendly and my daughter is making great progress and enjoys her time here.

Faye Evans

The nursery do an amazing job. Keep up the good work it's much appreciated.

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