Just seeing Bella so at home and aware of everything and enjoying the great activities.  Good resourcing.

Pete Stanley

A great range of activities for gross and fine motor skills.  Lots of language being used in all areas.  So brilliant to see how engaged Emily is in all the activities.  Emily liked decorating the biscuits she said "It was fun".  Had a super time at Stay & Play, the staff know all the children really well and support them with their learning at the right level through play.

Clare Welbourne

Activities that were out were organised for the Valentines theme.  Beau seemed to enjoy mum and dad being with her.  Staff always very friendly and interact with children well.

Leanne & Neil

Parent's (& Nannas) made to feel very welcome (at Higher Blackley's Valentines Day Stay & Play).  Very impressed with the happy atmosphere that has been created here.  Great Fun! Thank you. 

Gill Ledger

If I had a child I would definately send it to Tiddlywinks, the care they give to children with additional needs is fantastic. They go above and beyond their roles and I have every confidence that they will help all children to develop at their own pace.

Sarah Davenport (RHOSEY team)

I really like the online system of parent zone where you can view your child's daily routine and learning and development. Nice to know that she is progressing well.

Alex Baxter

I love the parent zone app where I can see what my son is doing on a day to day basis and keeps me informed of his development.

Danielle Rattigan

The team at Tiddlywinks are great, my daughter is always happy and content when she is here and I can see that on parent zone.

Amy Monaghan

I am very happy with my son's care at Tiddlywinks, it is very clear that he is happy here with all the photos and videos on parent zone.

Victoria Shaw

I would highly recommend Tiddlywinks to anyone, my daughter is very happy here!

Victoria Hall

All the staff are brilliant at Hill Lane, they do a wonderful job!

Rachel Cullen

Myself and my husband are very pleased with the care given to my daughter. She has settled in very well and we have seen a huge difference in her since she has joined Tiddlywinks. She is so much happier coming t nursery now and playing with Emma.

Sue Trudgeon

Catherine and the team at Tiddlywinks have looked after my little girl and I cannot thank them enough from the bottom of my heart. They put my mind at ease when I drop her off in the morning and Hallie loves Catherine so much, she is a wonderful key carer!

Ashley Gray

We are thrilled to be part of the Tiddlywinks Family, everyone at Hill Lane have looked after my children and gave them the best possible care that they could. They have made my boys grow into brilliant and well mannered young boys.

Katherine Fawcett

I would like to say thank you so much to all the girls at Hill Lane for looking after my three children over the last 4 and half years. You have helped them to grow into little characters with big imaginations. You have been the biggest part of their childhood and I am very grateful for that.

Catherine Grimshaw

A big thank you to all for taking great care of Elise during her time in the nursery. Goodbye and God bless you all!

July 2017 - Hill Lane

Elise and Lisa

Thanks so much for all the love and care! Olivia will miss you all so much but Charlotte promises to keep you busy!

July 2017 - Hill Lane

The Ashleys

We would just like to thank you for everything you have done to help Ruby progress through her toddler years. I know she is going to miss every single one of you.


July 2017 - Hill Lane

Maria, Mark and Ruby

Thank you all for everything you have taught Jax. We are really happy with how he has turned out.

He has gained so much confidence. This will surely help him when he moves on to big school.

He will miss you all (Especially Catherine)


July 2017 - Hill Lane

Jax's Family

To all the staff at Tiddlywinks Hill Lane. Thank you for helping me grow and develop over the past 3 years. I have absolutely loved all my time at your nursery. I will miss you all, and all of my friends, but time for another chapter. Lots of Love Harlow-Rae x

September 2016 - Hill Lane


To everybody at Tiddlywinks Hill Lane. I can't thank you enough for all you have done for Tilly-Mae. I know she will miss you all.

September 2016 - Hill Lane

Lisa, Danny and Tilly-Mae

To all at Tiddlywinks Hill Lane, myself and Dale would like to say a huge thank you to you all for looking after Callum over the last year. We have seen a big change in Callum since him starting at Tiddlywinks in September 2015. He has come on leaps and bounds and he has thouroughly enjoyed his time here. A big thank you to all the managment, the girls upstairs and a special thank you to his keycarer Emma. Best wishes for the future.

September 2016 - Hill Lane

Becky, Dale and Callum

All the girls at Tiddlywinks Hill Lane. Thank you for looking after Oskar this past year. I'm sure he is going to miss you all so much. And thank you to Debbie, Kiran and Tiffany for being his key workers.

September 2016 - Hill Lane

Amie, Kris and Oskar

To all the staff at Tiddlywinks Hill Lane. A huge thank you to all that has cared for Arron whilst myself and Joe worked. Arron has enjoyed everyday he has spent at Tiddlywinks and you have all played a part in creating memories myself, Joe and Arron will cherish. Today, 1st Septmeber 2016, marks the end of his 3 years spent at Tiddlywinks and I would highly recommend the nursery to others that would be looking in the future.

You have all contributed in Arron's development and have each given him skills he can take on his new path.....BIG SCHOOL!

All keep working hard, it is extremly appreciated and makes going to work for us parents that little bit easier.

September 2016 - Hill Lane

Natalie, Joe and Arron

All the staff at Tiddlywinks Hill Lane. Thankyou very much for looking after Xanthe over the past 2 years. She has loved every minute of her time spent with you and we know she is going to be very sad to leave you all. We have been very lucky to know that everyday she has spent with you she has been safe, loved and happy.

September 2016 - Hill Lane

Faye, Dan and Xanthe


A wonderful Nursery, the team at Higher Blackley are so dedicated. They have the children at the heart of everything and offer excellent learning and care and are really supportive of families. The team have felt like an extended family over the past few years, I can't believe our daughter will be leaving Nursery this week. For anyone looking for a warm caring learning environment for their children then I couldn't recommend this Nursery (and the Tiddlywinks group) highly enough. - Debbie Smolka-O'Brien

Debbie Smolka-O'Brien

To all the staff at Tiddlywinks,
I cannot put into words how truely grateful I am for everything you have done for Zach. He has been at nursery since 9 months old and all the staff have helped him develop into the confident, intelligent little boy he is today and you have gave him a foundation to carry on in his next steps. Thank you for your support towards me too, you go one step further when caring for the children by helping us as parents. I know Zach is going to miss you all as he truely does love coming to nursery, you are his extended family and have played an amazing part in his life, which we as a family, will never forget. Keep up the fantastic work.

To Liz, (Early Years Teacher)
Thank you so much for everything you have done for Zach. Since becoming part of your group I have seen him blossom into an intelligent little boy. You have helped build an amazing foundation to help him progress into school, which I will always be grateful for.

To Zoey, (Babyroom Keycarer)
Well what can I say that can let you know how thankful we are for everything you have done for Zach! You have been there from the beginning, helping my baby achieve and develop thoughout his time there with you.  My baby wouldn't be the little boy he is today if it wasn't for your amazing work, time and effort. You have helped him grow into a confident little boy and paved the way for a fantastic start. Continue doing your fantastic work Zoey.


Natalie, Darren & Zach Wilson

"We'ed like to say a really special thank you to everybody who has cared for Martha (and Tom) over the last five years.  From day one we never doubted that Tom and Martha were safe, happy, cared for and stimulated.  We will miss you all but it's nice to know that Martha can't wait to go to school, many thanks and best wishes"

Sian Allen

"Thank you for everything and for looking after me so well.  I will miss you all lots and lots, love and hugs Lilly and mummy"

Lilly Stevens and her mummy

"I had lots am amazing time, lots of fun exploring new things and tastes at Tiddlywinks" Thank you Sandra and my mummy

Sandra and her mum Alina

Jacob has loved every minute of being with your-selves but he now has to take the leap in to big school and I couldn't be more proud of the little boy he has turned out to be.  We will all miss you dearly and I thank you for taking care of my boy, like he was one of your own. 

Carly Jones

"Top class nursery with 7 our children including nephews and nieces coming here over the last 14 years. The standard of care has always been high and we can not praise this nursery enough, as the care and support they have provided us with has never faltered but increased over the years. Thank you Tiddlywinks."

Saiqa Rehman

"My little girl has settled in amazingly well, she is always greeted with a big smile and happy to go to any member of staff. I can really see progress in my little girls development and I believe the staff at Tiddlywinks have played a big part in this . Thank you!!"

Sarah R

"Wonderful nursery!! My daughter attended from 6 months to 4 years, the staff were wonderful throughout with my daughter and us, the support they gave us was amazing and my daughter absolutely loved every second of it"

Collette B

"Wendy and Debbie are both excellent with Zac. He enjoys his days at the nursery which provides me with peace of mind throughout the day."

Steven Davies

"We love Tiddlywinks and are so pleased that Jonah loves his time here. The staff are a credit and do a brilliant job. Thank you."

Catherine Fawcett

"We are really happy with Maddies development and with the care and education given to her by Tiddlywinks."

Kevin and Emma Tarelton

"I love everything about the nursery. They have supported me and Maddison loads, especially over the last couple of weeks."

Danielle Doyle

"Tiffany is an excellent worker, really cares for my child well and knows him well."

Jenny Davies

"We are so happy with Willows progress at nursery. She is thriving and looks forward to seeing her friends and keycarer every week."

Antonia Fernandez

"My eldest child is 14, middle daughter 7 and youngest daughter 2. All 3 children have attended this nursery and have recieved excellent care. Staff are consistent, friendly and very helpful. Nursery is like a family. I am very happy to have my children be a part of the team/family."

Emma Duffy

"Very good nursery, excellenct care. Aleeza has been very well looked after."

Saiqa Rehman

"I appreciate the warm and welcoming greeting recieved every morning. I believe this is important to set the day off in the right way. The girls are informative and positive. Love the new extension, this has improved the nursery very much."

Andrea Kay

"I think that all the nursery staff are caring and friendly especially upstairs. In particular Emma Pickup, amazing carer that knows and understands children amazingly, cannnot praise enough."

Rebecca Byrne

"Tilly loves nursery and has developed so much since starting. We are so pleased with all aspects surrounding nursery."

Michelle Mackenzie

"I am extremely happy with the nursery. Jude loves to come and is making great progress. The staff understand and can accomodate and plan for his needs enabling him to make great progress."

Stephanie Humble

"The whole Tiddlywinks team have made me and my children feel very welcome. They've helped support every aspect of their learning."

Remi-Leigh W

"Excellent team and nursery. Really pleased and happy with all the love, support and care offered by staff, especially Zayaan's keycarer. Thankyou."

Zainab B

Andrew and I have appreciated over 8 years with Tiddlywinks.  We are thankful that our girls from just 5 months old have had such a safe and caring environment during the week.  Tiddlywinks has been a part of their formative years and has practically felt like part of our extended family.  They have learned so much during their time at Tiddlywinks including social skills, respect, caring, routine, feeding themselves, denrtal care, dressing, as well as letters, writing and so much more through the caring and dedicated staff.

Most of all we are so thankful that you dedicate your working lives to creating excellent affordable childcare in this part of Manchester, when so many others would instead have sought after more lucrative situations.  What you have created has raised the standards and expectations of care within North anchester and will likely also raise expectations and therfore standards within Primary Education locally.

It is with sad regret that our youngest is finally graduating to school and that Tiddlywinks is unlikely to be part of our lives anymore.  Thank you so much for all you have done and are.

Helen and Andrew Gerling - Higher Blackley

My little girl attends Tiddlywinks Nursery in Ancoats I am really impressed with everything about this nursery, the staff are amazing and very lovable towards Melody. I am really happy.

Sarah Maylett

Sophie attended the holiday club during the six weeks holidays, the staff were great and always kept me informed of anything that was happening. I was a very happy parent and Sophie was a very happy child too!

Paula Chaloner - St. Clare's Toosc

My daughter Isabel has been attending TOOSC full time for two years, the holiday club is a fantastic place for children. Isabel comes home with things she has made has lots of fun stories to tell me.

Jo Warburton - St. Clare's

Overall nursery is excellent; children enjoy their time here which is especially important. Nursery, staff, keyworkers, managers are always open and welcoming and are willing to discuss child development and needs.

Amelda Bowen

I love Tiddlywinks! Definitely the best nursery in the area, I’m sad that we are moving and Nathan won’t be here next year.

Natalie Davies

Esme loves coming to nursery and I feel confident that Esme’s best interests are considered at all times. I also feel confident approaching the staff with any concerns I may have trust that they will be address.

Rebecca Tucker

We are extremely happy with care for Arron, he communicates his development at home and at nursery to ensure we're encouraging on the same thing.

Natalie Fawcett

Thankyou for being an excellent educator, we know teachers like you are hard to find. We appreciate your time, your patience, your ability to make a dry subject interesting and your smile

Bfata and Fawad

As soon as i came into the nursery i was very impressed with the way all staff greeted Freya. Everybod has been so welcoming and shown a genuine interest in my daughter.The way Keycarers have shared info has always been excellent and very personal, i feel they know her and ive always been happy with th eprofessional manner  in which they communicate.

Faye McCormick

I am very happy with the service provided. Borys is happy to attend the nursery on a daily basis and im happy with his development. His English improves every day. Staff are very friendly and helpful. Well done.

Alicya Mordak

My daughter has come on so much since nursery and she loves going. All the staff are brilliant and the nursery is always clean and tidy.

Georgina Muir

Friendly understanding staff. High level of teaching and encouragement of social skills, real attention to childs progress and development.

Haris Ahmed

One of the best nurseries in North Manchester. We have had children coming here for over 14 years and the staff have always been as friendly and helpful as ever.

H Rehman

This nursery has shown a positive influence on my son's development with all aspects of his learning in the early stages of his education.

Rishy Chauhan

The staff are always polite and friendly and have a brilliant relationship with my son.

Natalie Davies

Staff are all lovely, very friendly and caring. My grandaughter enjoys coming to nursery and is always happy and has lots of fun.

Geraldine Doyle

Friendly staff that know what they are doing. Excellent relationships with all staff.

Gary Tucker

Excellent. Nursery staff are very caring and professional. My daughter and I love the nursery and I can't think of any faults.

Danielle Doyle

Tiddlywinks offers so much for children. Tiddlywinks always keeps the parents upto date with my sons progress and i would definatley reccomend to anyone.

Joseph Anderson

Never had to complain and been impressed by aspects of the nursery and it's staff.

Michael Cahill

I feel that the Ofsted assessment is entirely justified. An outstanding nursery with outstanding care for each individual child.

Gill Waring

Excellent service and childcare for my daughter. The environment has such a positive energy and a homely feel.

Rebecca Codd

My daughter and son have been going to out of school club for a few years. My daughter has now moved to high school and no longer attends but my son still goes every day and sometimes my daughter goes to visit. They both enjoy the club and the staff are so lovely, very friendly, professional and I can tell they enjoy their jobs and have a good relationship with the children.


My son really likes going to the out of school club because of the social contact with other children and he really enjoys helping the staff.

Claire Jackson

My son has recently been identified as having Special Educational Needs and the nursery have been very proactive and supportive of both myself and my son in this process and been more than willing to work with other professionals if required.

Rebecca A

As a parent choosing a nursery for my child and coming from an Early Years background I knew what I was looking for in the nursery. When I looked around the nursery the staff who showed me around were pleasant and able to answer all my questions with evidence to back up their answers. During my sons gradual admission the staff were very friendly and made me feel very comfortable about leaving my baby. My son has settled in to nursery very well and very quickly and I believe this is due to the staff and the way they are able to meet his needs and comfort him. My son is happy to run straight in to nursery and he is comfortable with all the staff there.

Michelle Whipday

The staff are fantastic with all the children and have a great bond with each of their key children.  My daughter attends the Higher Blackley setting and she has a fantastic close bond with her key carer and talks about her all the time at home.  The environment is stimulating and inviting.  All the staff are extremely knowledgeable with regards to child's development and always strive to provide the best for all the children in their care.

Natalie Beswick

I know Elijah is going to miss going to Tiddlywinks. You have all already made such a wonderful impression on him in the short time he has been with you. I would highly recommend Tiddlywinks Nursery to any parent in the area as the quality of care you offer is second to none, your staff really do care for the children.

Lindsey Ibitoye

We are very impressed with the nursery, which has impacted a great learning for our boys. The nursery and staff are excellent and continue in the same spirit.

Henry Aloo

Really happy with the care given to the girls by their Keycarers and all the staff at Tiddlywinks, would never consider any other nursery for our children. The girls love their time with all the team at Tiddlywinks.

Anne-Marie Gregory

Enjoyed watching the relationships between staff and children. All areas are compact, children always have something to do. Very inviting and friendly. Areas and displays are very informative. All staff look happy to be there.

Building Blocks Nursery

I have visited many nurseries in my time, but have to say that your environment took my breath away and are a credit to you and your staff. I felt welcome as soon as I arrived and felt a warm, caring and nurturing environment throughout. Thank you for sharing your 'outstanding practice' with me.

Deborah Sutton Quality for Early Years

I leave smarter than I arrived, and you all played a major part, you all taught me not just from a book, but also from your hearts. Going to miss you all so very much. William aged 3 years old.

Sarah Chadwick

Tiddlywinks is a wonderful nursery. All the staff are fantastic and are brilliant at their jobs, they care so much about the children and bring out the best in them.

Katherine Fawcett

I love the fact you have an open door policy, It was lovely seeing the staff with our son and letting him play with the toys and interact with the children. It is lovely to hear you work alongside parents and are their for support when we need you or advice. It would be a pleasure to leave him in safe hands and have peace of mind that he is safe.

Natalie and Joe Anderson

My 2 children have attended TOOSC for the 6 weeks and have loved every single minute. They can't wait to get back in the next day! There's always lots to do and the staff are lovely.. Thank you!

Christine Ruston

A lovely interesting environment with positive, motivated staff. Lots of positive interaction's observed and children engaged and happy.

Christine Micallef - Senior Quality Assurance Officer

Good use of space, bright space amd focus on educational experience.

Imran- Department for Education

Engaged,enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff who really care about children.

Sharon McHale- Department for Education

Very bright and great displays, clearly lot's of effort put into creating a stimuating environment.

Julian Ward

We came to visit the nursery a couple of weeks ago with a view for our son to start there in September.  After visiting several other nurseries, we have decided to opt for Tiddlywinks on Hill Lane. We were really impressed with the layout of the nursery, the staff and curriculum offered at your nursery and would really like our son to start there in September.

Colette and Kevin

Thomas has now been at the Hill Lane Tiddlywinks for nearly a year now and so we wanted to write and thank you and the other nursery staff, for looking after him so well.  Thomas settled into nursery very well and quickly developed new skills and a strong bond with his key carer Abigail.  He has continued to develop well and enjoys coming to the nursery.  He has a good relationship with all the nursery staff, in particular his carers Abigail and Becky.  We have been very pleased with how Abigail has been caring for Thomas, she has a very good understanding of Thomas and has exceeded our expectations in how she has looked after him.  She takes a vested interest in his well being and in ensuring his development progresses.  In particular we have been pleased in her enthusiasm towards encouraging him to walk and also taking on challenges set by ourselves (stopping use of the bottle and dummy).

Rachel and Bill Bates

May I take this opportunity to thank all the staff at Tiddlywinks. You have been amazing and have given Isabelle a fantastic start with her education.  Leah has looked after Isabelle for 2.5 years and we can not thank her enough for the time and effort that she has put into making isabelle the confident, clever little girl she is today. Myself, Andy and Isabelle are going to miss you all very much and can not thank you all enough.

Samantha Owen

Liam has been at Tiddlywinks since being 9 months old and has loved his time there. Both Tahrima and Leah have helped look after Liam whilst I had to work. All the staff are great with the children and communicate well with parents.

Pamela Smith

I am very happy with the care provided here, staff are always friendly and my daughter is making great progress and enjoys her time here.

Faye Evans

The nursery do an amazing job. Keep up the good work it's much appreciated.


We think the nursery is excellent , clean and all staff are very polite and welcoming. We will be very sad when Alisha has to leave to go to school in September.

Kelly Daly

I am extremely happy with the nursery and feel that I have definately made the right choice for Erin. She's settled really well and has built relationships with all the staff particularly Hue, Keep up the good work. It's a fantastic environment for all the children and as a parent I couldn't be happier, Thank you.

Tracy McCann

Finnley has developed and continues to develop in this wonderful caring environment.

Margaret Carney

As a mother will recommend nursery to other mothers and children, fantatic place!

Magdalena Ring

Dear Mel & Dave

Just wanted to say a huge thank-you very much to you and all your staff for looking after Kieona so well and for giving her such a wonderful, fun and friendly time at Tiddlywinks. Kieona has absolutely loved her time with you all and she'll miss everyone lots! I will definatley recommend Tiddlywinks to everyone I know!

Helen Lawley-Brown

Thank-you for everything you have done for Rosie and our family. It has meant so much for Rosie to attend such an excellent nursery and be cared for and educated by the most exemplary team of professional practitioners that we have had the pleasure to meet. You are welcoming, warm, caring, positive and very highly skilled in the work you do. Well done and good luck for the future.

Claire & Chris Gill

I have found every member of staff to be helpful and friendly and the nursery as a whole to be of an exceptionally high standard whilst maintaining a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.

Sean Ryan

Once again we thank all staff, past and current, for their enourmous contribution into our daughters lives, for the amazing environment they have provided and all the happy memories we will always have thanks to you. You have been like a family to us!

We wish you all the best for the future, prosperity, growth and may you always remain 'OUTSTANDING'

Zuzana Brown

All the nursery staff are very, very welcoming; I believe them all to be fulfilling their roles to the best of their ability. Their all great at their jobs, friendly and approachable. I’m exceptionally happy with my child’s keycarer; she is lovely and a credit to Tiddlywinks. 

Margaret Colville

The out of school club has very caring and supportive staff that fully understand the needs of the children and provide a fun environment. They allow the children to explore their physical abilities in a safe environment and support supervised risk taking which is so important in aiding their development.

Helen Wilson

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you have done for our daughter during the first part of her life. You have all worked hard to give all the children a really happy and memorable time at nursery, we have so many happy memories of her time here and I’m sure she will always remember too. 

Debbie Rennie

My son always talks positively about nursery; he talks about staff members almost as if they are members of his family. What more could we ask for than to leave our child in the care of people who really care. Staff are always welcoming and ready to listen to any concerns. 

Tracy Jackson

Just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for all your time, care and consideration; you have all been like a big extended family; not just to our children but to all of us. Suffice to say we are going to miss you all so much, please keep in touch and remember us from time to time; I’m sure you will be forever in our hearts. We will always look upon you as friends and I will remember all the brilliant times we have shared too. Thank you all so much for giving us these lovely memories to treasure and share with our children as they continue on their learning journey. 

Nancy Hall

I like the way this nursery is run in a very efficient and professional manner. I am able to feel confident that I am leaving my child in a very safe environment.

Esther Blair Jackson

The end of an era has come! Thank you so much for looking after our little men over the past seven years. Our children have loved their time with you and we were always confident of the level of care and love they received. The nursery is a credit to you all, and I’d always recommend you to others. 

Helen Brady

Thank you all for your support and input towards our son’s development, making him into the lovely and intelligent young boy I am privileged to have today. You have all made a difference so thank you so much. May Tiddlywinks continue to make a difference to lots of little lives and make them shine like you have my son. 

Louise Daly

All the staff are excellent with my daughter and always tell me when I pick her up how she has been throughout the day. The nursery has good menus for lunch time. I like the way my daughters keycarer writes everything down in her observation folder making it nice to read through.

Leanne Redhead
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